The course will have 2 portions: 

  • 12 Online Sessions
  • Practicum Weekend: Course culminates in 24 hours of hands-on practicum: date and location TBD

(Certification upon successful completion for licensed therapists & practitioners)


Course will be offered in the future. If you would like to be added to registration or information list, please sign up here


Course Practicum will be held at the SVA Prana Center, 

9940 Remmet Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311  |  [email protected]



The full SVA Marma® curriculum as developed and taught by Vaidya Mishra from 2003-2017 will be covered in full detail. Certified SVA practitioners and instructors will conduct on-line sessions and hands-on practicums during the in-residence weekend. Students will have 24/7 access to course recordings as well as any/all posted course materials (for up to three months after the course concludes). Thereafter, students will have unlimited access to a SVA graduate online group forum. 


  • Video & audio footage by Vaidya Mishra 
  • Textbook: Vaidya Mishra’s SVA Sutra to Science® - Vol 1
  • Textbook: Dr Marianne Teitelbaum’s Healing the Thyroid with Ayurveda
  • Brochures, charts, hand-outs, and other printed materials
  • Formulations: samplers packs and gifts



  • Introduction to Saka Vansiya Ayurveda® fundamentals: The Big Picture Inside-out! 
  • Introduction to SVA TMS® (Transdermal Marma System): Why it Works 
  • TMS Samadhi Marma®: Daily Instant Cosmic Connection
  • TMS Ananada Sundari Mukha Marma® (Blissful Beauty Facial Marma
  • TMS Subhang Karanam Marma® (Non-surgical Facelift for Practitioners)
  • TMS Adipathi Marma® (Head) and Kurma Marma® (Abdomen) 
  • TMS Sarira Marma® (Body) 
  • TMS Susumna Marma® (Spinal) and Trika Marma® (Tripod) 
  • TMS Netra Marma® (Eyes)
  • TMS Pada Marma® (Feet)
  • SVA Dinacharya®: Maximize Your Balance and Bliss through SVA Daily Routine and Home Detox Do’s and Don’t-s®
  • Indravajraabhijanya Visha® or Electro-magnetic-field(EMF) and/or Electro-magnetic-radiation(EMR) Toxicity
  • SVA Transdermal Herbal Protocols and Formulations® - What to Use, When, and Why…


Sign up to learn and practice a unique, time-tested, effective SVA Marma System® unavailable anywhere else in the world! See you soon…


My journey with SVA and Vaidya Mishra began around 2007, a few months after retiring from a lifelong career working in Microbiology labs.

I’ve been a big fan and advocate of SVA, thanks to Vaidya Mishra and practitioners including Purnima Chaudhari, Elizabeth Innes and Dawn Hunter, and many more.

Winnipeg is very fortunate to have our enlightened Purnima performing miracles with expert pulse assessments and marma therapy treatments.

SVA is not my first experience with Ayurveda but Vaidya Mishra’s practitioners are making a huge impact on my health and well being, with a daily routine that I am responsible for.

~ Roger Foster

Purnima's marma treatment is absolutely fabulous! She has a loving and healing touch which makes you feel so blissful during and after the treatment. I'm so grateful for Purnima and the work she does, its definitely something everyone has to experience!♥️

~ Jenny

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