The Winter season can bring on mood swings and often depression. Of course, we also experience sadness and lack of motivation caused by dramatic life events: divorce; financial challenges; chronic illness; death of a loved one; and may other life stressors. 

Perhaps you are experiencing depression and chronic anxiety but are not aware of it? Symptoms may include: lack of motivation; unexplainable fatigue; social withdrawal; a hopeless attitude; excessive worrying; unexpected weight gain; general lack/loss of interest and pleasure in activities. 

If you are currently trying to work through a stressful or traumatic situation we offer help navigating things through the timeless knowledge of Ayurveda. You Rose offers holistic mental and emotional tools that integrate SVA protocols with somatic therapeutic techniques. These help bring about greater joy and balance by enlivening the memory (smriti) of one's own true essential nature of bliss consciousness.  

Sessions are conducted over the phone or via live video calls. 

Catch a session in February and March and you will receive a discount!

Call or text Rose directly at: 1.847.636.2744 for a free 20-minute introductory session to see if her services are what you are looking for to help you on your path. 

About Rose Carol

Rose Carol, (M.A. LPCI) offers Holistic Psychotherapy and SV Ayurveda as adjunct therapy for personal growth, the Highly Sensitive Person, Sleep, Anxiety, and Trauma Disorders. She holds a masters degree in Counseling Psychology and has studied with Vaidya Mishra since 1997. Online Sessions are available as well as in person 2-Day Rest and Rejuvenation Weekends. You may reach her at 847.636.2744